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Brides & Bachelorettes

Wedding Experience Showcase

Explore a diverse array of over 50 vendors and wedding professionals, all gathered under one roof right here in San Angelo! Discover unique ideas and affordable options to enhance your wedding experience. Delve into our exclusive experiences and learn how to infuse celebrations leading up to your big day with excitement and joy. Weddings need not be stressful; they can be enjoyable, with opportunities to celebrate beyond the wedding day itself.

At Brides & Bachelorettes, we're dedicated to experiencing all the festivities surrounding your wedding, from bridal showers and bachelorette parties to engagement soirees and rehearsal dinners. Join us for an interactive event where you can not only make essential connections but also find inspiration and creativity for your West Texas wedding. We offer more than just a platform to get things done; we provide a space where you can explore innovative ways to celebrate your special day.


Raffle Items

$10 Per Entry

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